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The Glasgow SANDS Team

- Ann Gilchrist

SECRETARY  - Stana Cepkova

TREASURER  - Audrey McQuillan


Patricia Craig, Gavin Moir, Annemarie Cameron, Rowena Robertson

Norah Thomson, Amber Carter, Lesley Ann Thomson, Rowena Robertson


Patricia Craig

Patricia Craig
Hi My name is Patricia Craig I am a befriender with Glasgow SANDS. I continue   to offer support and guidance to parents and relatives affected by the death of a  baby.
I am also a committee member with Glasgow SANDS and am involved with fundraising and Events.

Kirstie Moir 
Kirstie Moir
My name is Kirstie Moir, I am the mummy of Fraser Alexander Moir who was born an angel on 17th February 2010.  My husband and I have been attending SANDS meetings since May 2010 and have received great support over the years and formed some lasting friendships too.  We now have a gorgeous wee boy Euan Peter Moir born in April 2011. I have became a committee member and I am now the Treasurer of Glasgow Sands, a role that I feel very privileged to undertake. 
Gavin Moir 

Gavin Moir
My name is Gavin Moir, my wife, Kirstie, lost our wee angel Fraser in Feb 2010. In May 2010 we attended SANDS for the first time and this proved to be the support we needed to get through our most difficult times. I personally felt there was not enough support out there for grieving fathers and for this reason I have now become a SANDS Befriender. Together with my wife, we raised enough money through fundraising to purchase a cold cot for Wishaw Maternity hospital, the first in the Glasgow SANDS area. I am also a committee member and very keen to get involved in fundraising for Glasgow SANDS.

Norah Thompson
I joined Glasgow SANDS 13 years ago, after the death of my daughter Rebecca. I am a committee member and befriender. I am forever touched by the ongoing work of Glasgow SANDS, and extremely proud to be a part of it. 


Angela Holton
After the stillbirth of our precious baby boy, Daniel, my husband and I received fantastic support from Wishaw SANDS.
I then went on to become a befriender, so I can help support people in our local area. 

  Amber Carter
After baby Willow was stillborn I felt utterly devastated and didn't know where to turn. Sands allowed me to express how I felt and gave me the support that I needed to carry on. I have recently joined the committee and hope to become a befriender so that I can listen and support other parents who have experienced a similar loss.
Glasgow SANDS Butterflies
The Glasgow SANDS organisation produces support leaflets, these are normally provided to bereaved parents during their stay in hospital and can also be collected from our Support Meetings. 

Health Professionals can request these leaflets and we will issue you free of charge copies as required - Please click to view leaflets and how to order 
Glasgow SANDS donate quarterly to the National Organisation who are working to promote research and improvements in practice which could save babies' lives.

This section contains first hand experiences written by parents and their relatives about the death of their baby, plus a selection of poems and memorials. Please click on the links to read more.

Parents Experiences Relatives Experiences Poems/Memorials
Fundraising with Glasgow SANDS

Glasgow SANDS is a charity that receives no goverment funding, all financial support comes from fundraisers and their wonderful efforts.  Losing a baby not only affects the immediate family but friends and the extended family too. Find out how you can help...

Add a Memorial Page
Add a Memorial Page
Within the Chapel of Rest at each of the maternity hospitals across the city, and at Wishaw, Glasgow SANDS befrienders work with the staff to maintain memorial books.  These leather bound books are available for all to read. For the Southern General you will need to request to view them at the maternity Hospital.

Should you wish to add a page you can - click here to find out how

We are so sorry that your baby has died.


Memory BoxIt may feel very hard to take in the reality of what has happened and to have any thoughts of what to do next. However, many parents have told us how important the memories of the short time they have with their baby are and that they have found it comforting to have reminders that they can look at and hold.

This ‘Always Loved, Never Forgotten’ memory box is given by Glasgow Sands as a way to create some memories which you can cherish.


Should you wish to request a Memory Box you can - click here to find out how